Todo lo que necesitas saber de Amazon México

En comparación con Amazon Estados Unidos, Amazon México se encuentra en sus etapas iniciales. El gigante del comercio minorista en línea se lanzó en México en 2015 y desde entonces ha mostrado un crecimiento año tras año. La oficina de Macarta México ha tenido gran

Turkey 5 2020: Amazon Performance Analysis

Now that the first push of the Holiday season shopping rush has passed, let’s take a look at the 2020 performance data analysis from Turkey 5 (T5). Spanning the 5 days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, T5 is a major shopping event. Retailers and e-commerce

Rompiendo Récords: Buen Fin Edición 2020

Las expectativas Llegó la décima edición del evento anual de México que fomenta el comercio a través de promociones y descuentos con el fin de reactivar la economía. Debido al contexto mundial por la pandemia de COVID-19, el Buen Fin generó una dualidad de expectativas. Previo al

Buen Fin Analysis: A Record Breaking 2020

Expectations The tenth edition of Mexico's annual event, Buen Fin, that encourages commerce through promotions and discounts in order to activate the economy has arrived. Due to the global context and the COVID-19 pandemic, Buen Fin generated a duality of expectations. Prior to the event, there was

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Mexico

Relative to its US counterpart, Amazon Mexico is very much in its beginning stages. The online retail giant launched in Mexico in 2015 and since then has continued to show year-over-year growth. The Macarta Mexico office has had great success helping our brand partners internationally,

Successful Hot Sale 2020 Boosts Mexico’s Economy

Hot Sale 2020 The Asociaciòn Mexicana de Venta Online (AMVO), hosted their annual 2020 Hot Sale from May 22 to June 1. The 7th Annual Event had its most successful year ever. eMarketer reports that B2C e-Commerce sales were up 81.9%. The total sales from the

Amazon Glossary A-Z

Given the vast library of terms surrounding Amazon, we put together a glossary of Amazon’s most important acronyms and terms to help you navigate. Whether you’re new to Amazon or are training new team members, these are the ABCs of Amazon: A+ Content: A+ content (formerly Enhanced Brand

Your Brand Voice Matters Now More Than Ever

Clear and effective communication with your customers is always important, but there’s an added weight behind the words you use right now. Today Macarta’s Sr. Copywriter Nicole Bolt breaks down brand voice basics, suggests best practices for establishing your brand voice and discusses the importance

How Macarta is Working from Home

Week two of Macarta work from home has come to a close and it looks like we have a few more ahead. Some of our team members work remote year round, so we wanted to share some ways we are staying connected as a team

Macarta México en la Semana de Advertising Week LATAM 2020

Macarta tuvo el honor de hablar en Advertising Advertising Week LATAM 2020 y presentar el panel “Publicidad en Amazon: Tendencias e historias de éxito de marcas globales.” El panel fue moderado por el CEO de Macarta, Mike Hodges y los panelistas fueron conformados por Ethel Gonzalez

7 Signs You Need an Amazon Agency

How do you know when it's time to get additional help supporting your business? It can feel like a daunting decision but rest assured, we're here to help act as an extension of the great work you're already doing and take the guesswork out of

Macarta Mexico Reviews Ad Week LATAM 2020

Macarta was honored to speak at Advertising Week LATAM 2020 and host a panel on Amazon Advertising: Trends and Success Stories from Global Brands. Moderated by Macarta’s CEO Mike Hodges, we were joined by some of our brand partners including Ethel Gonzalez, 3M eCommerce Channel Marketing

Growing Categories in Amazon Mexico

It’s been almost a year since our Mexico office has been open and there has never been a better time to break into Amazon Mexico if that has been on your company’s radar. Yesterday our CEO Mike Hodges and Managing Partner Carlos Corona spoke on