How Macarta Helped a B2B Brand Sell D2C on Amazon

How Macarta Helped a B2B Brand Sell D2C on Amazon

Venturing into direct-to-consumer (D2C) territory from a standard business-to-business (B2B) operation isn’t always the smoothest transition. There’s a lot to navigate. Throw in the nuances of Amazon and other marketplaces, and it can be a task that’s even more daunting. 


D2C eCommerce Case Study

For those brands that are ambitious enough to seize the opportunity, there’s potential for big gains in consumer engagement, market exploration, and revenue with a D2C business model. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance. This proved true for a workwear apparel company, which in 2017, came to Macarta seeking help in growing their digital advertising strategy and building out their brand on Amazon. 

Historically, this company had operated as a B2B entity, selling its apparel to other businesses. Ready to expand, our brand partner decided to embark on a new journey: to sell their work clothing directly to consumers, bypassing third-party retailers, wholesalers, or middlemen. Since they did not have a D2C website at the time, they decided to sell their clothing on Amazon to generate brand awareness and an additional revenue stream. Discover how Macarta Helped an Apparel Company Become a D2C Workwear Leader on Amazon:


Core Challenges


We don’t have the experience to be hands-on and make quick strategic decisions to meet our advertising goals. Working with the Macarta team has enabled us to spend more time thinking about the big picture for our brand while leaving the day-to-day advertising decisions in the capable hands of our agency experts.”  – Director, Workwear Digital


When our brand partner came to us, they were struggling with:

  • A lack of experience selling D2C
  • Ineffective branding and messaging
  • Low-converting creative content
  • No long-term growth strategy
  • Managing a high ASIN catalog
  • The highly competitive workwear category on Amazon and beyond


Our Solution


First, we focused on lower funnel tactics to build a brand presence from the ground up, establishing a unique merchandising strategy across Amazon through content and advertising to cross-merchandise complimentary products. Specifically, we repositioned their brand voice to communicate to a D2C audience instead of B2B, focused on rank-building tactics like building out their SEO strategy, running search campaigns, and optimizing content, and used the A+, Brand Story, and Brand Store to merchandise their product assortment and develop cross-selling opportunities amongst their large catalog.


Funnel steps on building a brand strategy on Amazon


As the brand grew on Amazon, our strategy moved up the funnel to generate brand awareness and capture new-to-brand shoppers. We shifted focus to building out their Demand Side Platform (DSP), Sponsored TV (STV), Video, Fire Tablet, and Spanish Language Display campaigns.


The Results

Workwear D2C Case Study Results

In addition to these impressive stats, we established a trusting partnership that has been going strong for over seven years. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2017, we have helped them expand to additional global markets and marketplace channels like Walmart and Amazon Mexico, and have partnered with their media agency to create a cohesive and impactful media strategy across marketplaces.


Discover How Macarta Can Take Your Company to the Next Level

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