2023: A Letter from our Co-Founders

Headshot of cofounders Stephen and Mike standing outside of a Macarta building.

2023: A Letter from our Co-Founders

For the Macarta team, 2023 was a pivotal year in the most promising way. The year marked significant milestones for our company and laid the foundation for what promises to be an even more impactful 2024.


In 2023, our global family continued to grow. We proudly welcomed 9 new faces to Macarta US, 15 new members in Macarta Brazil, and a whopping 30 new faces to Macarta Mexico. The launch of Macarta Europe, based in Spain, also took place in 2023 with a seasoned ex-Amazon leader at the helm. That means Macarta now operates in 67 markets across 14 countries. 


Celebrating Success


We were honored to secure a place on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list for the third consecutive year. Climbing 87 spots to rank 1,037 overall, we earned the 73rd spot in Advertising/Marketing nationally and are proudly positioned at #25 in CO and #21 in Denver.


Looking Ahead to 2024:

As we move forward into the new year, we’re excited about the prospects that lie ahead, including:


  • European Expansion: The establishment of Macarta EU HQ in Madrid marks a major stride in our European journey.
  • Service and Channel Expansion: Our integration with Mindgruve propels us towards broader service offerings. Channels such as Walmart, Chewy, Petco, Target, and Macy’s will be pivotal focuses, with a special emphasis on Walmart in the US and MX markets.
  • Team Growth and Development: Our commitment to growth extends to nurturing and expanding our talented teams as we build.


Guided by Our Vision:

In 2023, we embarked on a collective journey during a workshop that brought together our teams from the US, MX, and BR. This collaboration birthed our brand mission, pillars, and core values. At Macarta, we acknowledge that our true strength lies in our people. Our workshop was a testament to the importance we place on each individual, shaping the vision of our teams and organization. 


Macarta is a global retail media and marketplace agency, but make no mistake, we are in the people business; the humans behind the incredible work our team delivers are our greatest asset. Our workshop created a platform for every individual in the company to contribute to the vision and future of their team and our organization.


The workshop was a chance to communicate who we are today, who we aspire to be tomorrow, and what qualities we must embody to achieve our potential. The results of this workshop are guiding our vision into 2024 and beyond:

Our Mission, Pillars, and Values:

  • Mission: We are on a mission to revolutionize the retail industry and bring human connection into every aspect of our business.
  • Pillars: We put people first. We operate with excellence. We drive dynamic innovation.
  • Values: 
  • We Take extreme ownership
  • We are committed to high standards
  • We win with diversity
  • We are stronger together
  • We never settle
  • We embrace curiosity


A Commitment to 2024:

As we step into 2024, our commitment remains steadfast: to our people, both within Macarta and among our Brand Partners globally. This year will bring a continued commitment to the people we, as a business, have the fortune of working with, both internally at Macarta and across our growing list of Brand Partners worldwide. We will fortify our teams as One Macarta and continue being forever students, working shoulder to shoulder to find innovative ways to add value to our brand partners’ businesses.


Building Relationships and Collaboration:

Great relationships are built on trust, and trust is earned, never given. We earn the trust of our partners with transparent communication, mastering what we do not know as much as what we do know. Additionally, we thoughtfully help our partners navigate the tumultuous waters of the ever-changing retail media and marketplace industry. Great relationships drive deeper collaboration, and afford our teams the chance to take calculated risks and test new strategies and tactics to drive growth. 


The Next Chapter:

This next chapter in our story will bring continued innovation, stronger teams, and cross-departmental collaboration. 2024 will also bring advancements in working principles to drive efficiencies, investment in more sophisticated tools and systems to drive growth, and most importantly, a ton of fun along the way! 


Cheers to the next chapter! Reach out to us here to be a part of the excitement.


Mike & Stephen


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