One Size Does Not Fit All

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One Size Does Not Fit All

“It Depends” is the most appropriately overused phrase in advertising


Macarta was one of a handful of agencies invited to the “Voice of the Customer” Amazon Sponsored Product Discussion at the Amazon HQ in Seattle. Our Search Marketing Manager, Rene Crandall, attended the event and found it very impactful. Here’s her recap of the event.


The Amazon Sponsored Product Discussion was an insightful and enriching experience for any agency involved in digital advertising. During the event, the Amazon product development team shared some features slated for release this year, and opened up these features to a discussion. The agencies and software providers in attendance were able to share thoughts and suggestions to improve the development of the ad type. The experience was impactful because we were able to talk directly with the Sponsored Product product development team, providing feedback for upcoming features. 


There are several exciting new features to look out for, but there were also strategy insights shared among attendees. One of the biggest takeaways from sitting in a room full of paid search experts was the reinforcement of our core philosophy that there is no one-size fits all strategy. Some brands and agencies might be under the assumption that there’s a “best practice” equally applicable to every brand, such as a perfect campaign architect, budget allocation, keyword amount, etc. This isn’t the case. From campaign architecture to the number of keywords being targeted, a customized approach is certainly the best. Based on the brand’s products, budget, ROAS target, length of time on Amazon, their strategy off Amazon, etc. – taking all of these different pieces into account creates a customized strategy that is a more effective approach for success.


The best strategy is a custom strategy. We’ve believed this philosophy at Macarta for years, so it was reassuring to hear other experts, along with Amazon, confirm this. This event was a first of its kind for Amazon, so it was a privilege to be invited. It makes us proud of the relationship we’ve been able to develop with Amazon over the past 7 years.


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