Amazon 101: A+ Content

Amazon 101: A+ Content

With the deterioration of brick and mortar comes the demand for a similar immersive experience when shopping online. Over the course of the e-commerce boom, online brands have been able to cater to this demand using UX/UI tactics that allow their customer to feel like they are getting the same shopping experience online that they would normally receive in a physical store. The lack of interaction with physical products, or people for that matter, in making purchases online is what drives companies to include more intention behind what they are offering in an online experience.

Until 2018, A+ content came with a hefty per-ASIN price tag – now, A+ content is included with all Vendor accounts free of charge. A+ is included free of charge with all Brand-Registered Seller accounts and Brand Stores are included in both the AMS package and Seller Accounts. Presenting the customer with a seamless experience is so important to increase conversions and create a loyal customer base. Here’s how (and why) you can implement these features to help set your brand apart from the rest.

Benefits of creative content:

  1. Cater to a range of online shopping styles: Coming from an e-commerce platform, many Amazon shoppers are extremely visual and require detailed imagery and blurbs of information, while others prefer to digest information in the form of text. In our last post detailing Keyword Optimization, we discussed the importance of providing a clear, concise message within the product copy using targeted keywords. The similar rule applies to visual A+ Content: create clear, concise and helpful visual content that can be paired with written content to drive sales.
  2. Stand out from competitors: This is your time to shine. Amazon’s A+ is constructed to help set yourself apart from competitors through a genuine representation of the brand’s aesthetic and provide helpful purchasing information. If choosing between two similar products, one of which provides quality images, detailed product description and seamless A+ Content, while the other offers one image, no A+ content, and one-word bullet points, ask yourself: which is more appealing?
  3. Make a strong first impression: This is your chance to show a new customer what your brand is about. Visuals are eye-catching, especially on the Amazon platform. A+ is a great way to make a memorable impression on the customer.
  4. Improve shopper experiences: Confusion is easy when content is not displayed or presented properly. It is common for a viewer to look at a product and get discouraged by an overwhelming amount of clutter on a product page which in turn, discourages the sale. A+ Content helps to break up the monotony of the product page and give the eye a much-welcomed break from text.

What information should you include?

  • Brand blurb
  • Ingredient list (where applicable)
  • Reiterate key bullet points and selling features
  • Manufacturing practices
  • Benefits
  • Inspiration and ideas
  • Strategic key terms
  • Expanded information
  • What’s in the box?
  • What sets your brand or product apart?

Final Thoughts

Creative content not only increases discoverability, but also creates an improved online experience for your customers. Implementing these changes can take your listings to new heights and will continue to gain long-term benefits like improved search ranking. When you provide a personal touch to product listings, you are more likely to engage your customers and see conversion.

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