Amazon 101: How to Create an Amazon Brand Story

Amazon 101: How to Create an Amazon Brand Story

A Brand Story we created for one of our clients, Kodiak boots.

What is an Amazon Brand Story? 

Available for both Amazon sellers and vendors, a Brand Story is a complementary marketing feature similar to A+ content. Located just above the A+ on the product detail page (PDP), an Amazon Brand Story is displayed as a scrollable carousel made up of customizable modules where brands are able to tell their story, engage shoppers, and ultimately drive sales.

Amazon first released Brand Stories back in 2020, and has since optimized the feature to allow for more customization. Instead of following a strict template, brands now have the option to choose between four different modules that can be personalized to highlight their story and values while displaying products and linking to the Brand Store.

How Do You Create an Amazon Brand Story? 

1. Go into Seller or Vendor Central and navigate to the A+ content manager.

Note: Amazon Brand Stories will only be available to you if you have brand registry and an active registered trademark.

2. Select “Start Creating A+ Content” at the top right. Here you will be given two options: Basic, which is the classic A+ content, or Brand Story. Select “Create a Brand Story.”

Note: You are allowed to create both A+ content AND a Brand Story on one PDP.

3. The first step is to choose a watermark image that will display as the background of every module. Since it will populate across your entire Amazon Brand Story, the watermark image should be eye-catching and include your logo. You also have the option to add a headline and body text here to briefly explain your brand, and/or encourage customers to scroll through your carousel by using a call-to-action.

Text and image requirements for watermark image:

  • Headline = 30 character limit
  • Body Text = 135 character limit
  • Image = 1464px x 625px minimum

4. The next step is to add your modules. We recommend including 3–5 modules to provide enough information without overwhelming the customer (Keep scrolling for more on the different types of modules you can use).

5. When you’re done creating your modules, apply the Brand Story to your listings by selecting the ASINs where you want your Brand Story to appear. It should take 15–30 minutes to go live, but can take up 24 hours or even longer.

Amazon Brand Story Modules

Amazon gives you the option to choose between four different module templates to tell your story. Consider the following benefits and requirements of each module when creating Amazon Brand Stories:

  1. About
  • What: Shows the most important information about your company and product range.
  • Design elements: Brand logo (315 x 145 pixel minimum) and a text block (450 character max) for brand information.

Expert tip: Use this type of module as the first item in your carousel to introduce your brand. This is the place to talk more about the purpose behind your brand.

  1. Four Asins
  • What: Displays four products that link to the corresponding PDPs. Option to also link to your Brand Store.
  • Design elements: The product image and small headline (30 character max) for each product with a link to your Brand Store.

Expert tip: Use two of these types of cards in a row to display even more products. This is the place to merchandise your top-selling products.

  1. Media Asset
  • What: Highlights your core technologies and product category.
  • Design elements: One large image (362 x 453 pixel minimum) with a text box for a heading (30 characters max) and small body text (135 characters max).

Expert tip: Use this card to create a visually appealing product presentation.

  1. Questions
  • What: A mini FAQ.
  • Design elements: Three pre-formulated questions in bold with customizable short answers.

Expert tip: Use this type of card to demonstrate the core topics and values of your brand. This is the place to answer any frequently asked questions to help combat negative reviews.


Even if your listing already has strong A+ content, the Amazon Brand Story provides additional placement for complementary information. Simple to create and worth testing, Brand Stories can build positive associations with your brand by portraying your mission, values, the people and processes behind your products. 

The Brand Story is just one of Amazon’s many efforts to add branded content to its platform. Amazon is constantly introducing new tools and features, and it’s not always clear how to take advantage of what’s available. Fortunately, our team of experts are skilled at navigating the ever-changing Amazon marketplace. If you need help with creating a Brand Story, A+ content, Brand Store or other Amazon services, drop us a line here.

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