Amazon 101: Amazon Live

Amazon 101: Amazon Live

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is Amazon’s answer to the Home Shopping Network, a digital space where brands and Amazon Influencers can engage shoppers with streamed infotainment to drive sales and awareness. Customers can participate in a live chat during the livestream, as well as shop the featured products, creating an environment for informed customers to make immediate purchases.

Amazon Live & the Covid-19 Pandemic

Amazon Live launched in early 2019, and despite giving brands the potential to tap into the behemoth that is the Amazon customer base, the service was widely neglected. However, the significant digitization of the marketplace which the Covid-19 pandemic has facilitated persuaded brands to start investing in the service. Influencers began to sell on the platform, and Amazon hosted big events, such as a Prime Day stream hosted by Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union.

In February of 2021, viewers from across the US tuned in to watch Mitsubishi release their newest SUV over Amazon Live. This high-profile showing was one of the service’s biggest yet, and the trend for streaming product showcases seems set to continue even after the pandemic draws to a close.

Why use Amazon Live?

Much like Twitch dissolved the barriers between content creation and audience interaction, Amazon Live is reorienting the digital marketplace into a world of direct interaction between brand and consumer. When prospective customers can immediately see the product in action and have their questions answered in real-time, the alienation of the computer screen breaks down, allowing for a much more personal shopping experience. Amazon Live creates a multifaceted experience that allows brands to drive awareness and consideration, educate shoppers, and drive connections simultaneously in real-time.

What You Need to Know

As with everything else in the Amazon space, things can seem daunting at first. However, we’ve compiled here a handy guide to answering some of your questions to help get your company engaging with new customers as soon as possible.

Where Do Livestreams Appear?

Amazon Live videos stream in several different places:

  • First is in the Product Detail Pages of products in the livestream: bear in mind, however, you must be registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry to be eligible and for your products to appear on the detail pages; certain categories do not permit live streams to appear on the detail pages, but they will appear on the Amazon Live home page.
  • Next, livestreams for your products can be viewed from your own Amazon Store: reach out to the Amazon Live team for more details.
  • Lastly, there is the Amazon Live Home Page: here, livestreams will be viewable for at least 48 hours at no cost. However, depending on market saturation in your category, videos can remain much longer.

How Much Does All This Cost?

Creating videos within the Amazon Live Video Creator is free. However, similar to other Amazon ads, brands can pay to increase visibility on their videos, especially through the use of Amazon Live Influencers.

How Do Amazon Live Influencers Work?

Should you choose not to produce your livestreams in-house, there is the option of outsourcing to a pre-established influencer. As on other digital platforms, Amazon Live Influencers have a range of followings and partnerships. A good rule of thumb on the monetary side of things — influencers with large followings will cost more; however, with such large followings, using these avenues could significantly drive sales.

Another thing to consider is the nature of influencers; essentially internet celebrities, influencers often have their own brands and followings, so do some careful research to ensure that demographics align.

How Do Livestreams Facilitate Sales?

Links to products that you have chosen to showcase during the livestream will appear readily available alongside the video. This helps make the products easily shoppable and keeps consumers engaged with your content, leading to a greater opportunity for conversion.

Can My Agency Make A Video On My Behalf?

Yes, brands can create a guest account so that an agency, influencer, or brand rep can create a live (or pre-recorded) video on your behalf.

For more details on strategy and our preferred video media partner, check out our guide:
How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Amazon.

What Are The Different Levels With Amazon Live?

Using Amazon Live places your brand on one of three operating levels. To progress through the ranks, brands must primarily stream live content and successfully drive sales. For a more detailed understanding of each level and how to achieve them, check out the Amazon Live Review Guidelines.

Rising Star — Starting Rank


  • Eligibility to stream with the Amazon Live Creator App
  • Share links to your livestream
  • Your followers can receive notifications when you go live
  • Livestreams are eligible to appear on the Amazon Live homepage under relevant product categories and/or the ‘Live Now’ carousel, and the product’s detail page

Insider — Intermediate Rank


  • Leveling up raises your brand to that of an Insider. Insiders retain all benefits and streaming locations of the prior level, with additional top-of-page placement on the Amazon Live site
  • All of the benefits included in the Rising Star status

A-List — Highest & Most Exclusive Rank


  • Special access to Amazon Live events and opportunities
  • Priority support from the Amazon Live Creator team
  • Livestream placement on the official homepage
  • All of the benefits included in Rising Star and Insider status

Amazon Live Best Practices

To achieve the best results on Amazon Live, follow these best practices:

  • Adhere to the Amazon Live Creator community policy
  • Confirm that your internet connectivity is strong enough to support the entire stream
  • Prepare to engage with your audience authentically and professionally, and ensure you have the proper equipment to deliver high-quality video and sound

As we predicted in Macarta’s 2021 Amazon Trends & Predictions, Amazon Live took off in 2021 and became a strong player in the digital marketplace.

With free advertising and content space, rewarding perks, and level-ups, who wouldn’t want to expand their customer base through Amazon Live?

If you’re looking for a creative and strategic partner to help you level up your Amazon brand, we’d love to help — contact us HERE.

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