Amazon Brand Registry: What You Need to Know

Amazon Brand Registry: What You Need to Know

Amazon’s Brand Registry fosters a trusted platform for both your brand and customers by protecting registered trademarks and ensuring an accurate shopping experience. Further, it offers total control of product pages and combats counterfeit product listings.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Amazon’s Brand Registry is available to brands, sellers and vendors that have had no prior relationship with Amazon. You must also fulfill several other qualifications prior to applying:
  • A Government Registered Principal Trademark Registration or Serial Number
  • A live or active registered trademark
  • Brand logo images
  • Images of the product and packaging with trademark shown
  • Categories the product should be listed in
  • Countries where the products are manufactured and distributed

Note that if you enrolled in the program before April 30, 2017, you must re-enroll due to recent critical updates

Brand Registry Tools & Features

  • Increased brand authority over product detail page: This feature was designed for brands with a broad network of resellers. By proving you’re an authorized trademark owner, the system allows you to manage detail pages associated with your brand.
  • Proprietary text and image search: You can upload photos of a logo or text to detect any foreign usage of your intellectual property. As an additional measure of protection, you can also flag any suspicions of copyright or trademark infringement.
  • Predictive automation based on reports: The more you utilize the proprietary text and image search feature, the better the system can identify intellectual property rights violations.

Getting Started With Amazon Brand Registry

Visit to apply for Amazon’s Brand Registry. If you’re re-enrolling, use your existing Seller Central credentials to access the brands that were registered originally. Once Amazon verifies your trademark, you’ll be prompted to begin the enrollment process and input brand data.

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