Turkey 5 2020: Amazon Performance Analysis

Turkey 5 2020: Amazon Performance Analysis

Now that the first push of the Holiday season shopping rush has passed, let’s take a look at the 2020 performance data analysis from Turkey 5 (T5). Spanning the 5 days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, T5 is a major shopping event. Retailers and e-commerce stores are paying more attention to T5 — and with good reason. Below, we break down our own partners’ performance as well as year over year insights gathered across Amazon.

Macarta T5 Amazon Sales Performance Data

All Macarta Brand Partners: North America

While overall sales were softer than years before (down 9% YoY), it’s important to keep that number in perspective with the year it has been. We’ve still had quite a successful year despite COVID and have seen amazing numbers in our PPC 2020 performance data analysis (more on those numbers below). 

2020 was a shake-up year and certain categories have performed better than others in the current pandemic-driven-economy. In many cases, dollars left once-thought solid sectors and moved into others. One category that saw a dip, for example, is fashion and accessories which saw a 6% decline average online order value. On the other hand, home and garden supplies are continuing to reach new heights. 

Also of note is the difference between Sales and NTB Sales, which were slightly lower than last year. This suggests that previous experience with a brand or product was a driving factor in overall sales. Customers are becoming choosier with where they spend their dollars and, as such, are more risk averse — people are more likely to stick with something they know. For retail, this means that driving and retaining customer loyalty is as important as ever. 

Macarta Brand Partners: U.S. vs. Mexico

Overall Sales for Turkey 5 in Mexico did not match last year’s. However, they were up 4.7x over the course of Buen Fin, a 2-week shopping event in Mexico that runs before, during, and after Turkey 5. 

What’s incredibly noteworthy is the whopping 135% YoY increase in NTB Sales for our partners in Mexico. Amazon Mexico is still in full-blown adoption mode — we’re seeing exponential growth in both sales and traffic YoY which contributes to a massive increase in NTB sales. 

If you’d like to read more about the growth our partners are seeing in Latin America, check out our Buen Fin Analysis HERE

Macarta T5 Amazon PPC Performance Data

As online shopping drastically increases due to the limitations of brick and mortar shopping, many brands have started advertising on Amazon. As a result, advertising auctions have become all the more competitive. This means that impressions and clicks are even more important than ever for brands to be able to cut through a saturated landscape.

This year, it was evident that consumers ramped up their holiday shopping even before Turkey 5 started with solid increases across the board for our partners. 

All Macarta Brand Partners: North America

  • Impressions increased 97% YoY
  • Clicks increased 35% YoY
  • Spend increased 44% YoY

Macarta Brand Partners: U.S. vs. Mexico

  • U.S.
    • Impressions increased 100% YoY
    • Clicks increased 28% YoY
    • Spend increased 41% YoY
  • Mexico
    • Impressions increased 50% YoY
    • Clicks increased 77% YoY
    • Spend increased 61% YoY

The massive increase in clicks and impressions is a clear signal that shoppers continue to adopt an online-first approach to shopping. Considering Turkey 5 2019 saw record-breaking traffic, a 100% YoY increase in impression volume this year is even more astounding.

A massive influx of impression volume tends to adversely impact shopper engagement, and subsequently increase the average Cost-per-Click (CPC). However, we’re proud to say despite seeing a 6% increase in average CPC, Macarta’s partners saw an 18% increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR). In short, our marketing dollars worked even harder for our partners this year than last.

2020 Performance Data Analysis: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Keeping with the 2020 trend, this year’s Turkey 5 was unlike any other. Even so, it’s still important to dive into micro-trends, analyze the data, and see what inferences we can pull from the T5 sales event. Below, we outline  our 2020 comparison between the 2 largest shopping days of the year. 

All Macarta Brand Partners: North America

Sales & Advertising 

  • Sales saw 3% increase from BF to CM
  • ACoS% decreased 24%
  • Ad Spend reduced 22%
  • ROAS increased 32%

Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is a measure of what percentage of your sales went towards advertising. The lower the ACoS%, the more efficient your dollars are at driving sales. That said, a decrease in ACoS% is good, as our partners’ dollars worked 24% more efficiently this year.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is a metric that gives us a holistic look at all of our marketing efforts. This year, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, our brand partners saw a 32% increase. This can most likely be attributed to the swing in buying patterns as affected by the pandemic. Shoppers this year are more likely to purchase goods online in a socially distant setting than storm the Bastille for stocking stuffers. 

Adjusting to the new normal in e-commerce will be an uphill battle for those who don’t pivot quickly. Here at Macarta, we’ve been tracking metrics since the pandemic started and are analyzing data to give our brand partners the opportunity to pivot and jump on emerging trends. 

If you’re looking for experts who can help you with your Amazon strategy, contact us HERE.

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