E-Commerce in the Time of Covid-19

E-Commerce in the Time of Covid-19

To say that we’re living in unprecedented times is an understatement. Life as we know it has been virtually upended because of Covid-19 and great uncertainty lies ahead of us.

We’ve seen overnight transformation in response to this period of isolation and uncertainty – one major change being consumer behavior. As non-essential businesses closed and public places were avoided, e-commerce landed at the forefront of retail.

Since Covid-19 hit the US back in March, our team has studied the impact it has had on Amazon. From shopping habits to category trends, we experienced a paradigm shift. Following widespread shutdowns and importation issues, brands were forced to quickly adapt and in many situations, seek guidance through uncharted waters. 

Throughout the pandemic, more than one-third of consumers shop online weekly. That’s up 28% pre-Covid-19, according to a new global study of 5,000 consumers, and shoppers don’t plan on going back to their old habits until a vaccine is available. As the largest North American online retailer, Amazon continues to see increased traffic to their site, even as stay-at-home orders have lifted and stores have reopened. Digital Commerce 360 reports that in July, Amazon’s site traffic was up 28.1% compared with pre-Covid-19 February of this year.

Today, the online shopping surge is leveling off in some categories. The online average order value within fashion and accessories, for instance, is down 6%, while beauty and skin care visits are down 11% compared to the start of the pandemic. Other categories, however, such as home and garden, are still seeing increases.

The Covid-19 impact is changing by the day and its implications are predicted to last well into the decade – how your brand chooses to pivot and adapt will define your future success. Need help shifting your Amazon strategy to accommodate the rapidly changing Amazon landscape? We can help:

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