TikTok Brings a New Wave of Amazon Sales

TikTok Brings a New Wave of Amazon Sales

While TikTok has been a popular app for Gen Z over the last few years, quarantine has given rise to a new group of users on the site: millennials (and even some boomers). As of May 2020 the app had 800 million active users every month and so far it’s the #1 downloaded app of 2020. 

The 411 on TikTok

TikTok is a video sharing and streaming app with a wide range of content. The looping, endless scroll and precise algorithm serves users with targeted, niche content that can keep you engaged — for too long. From dancing to cooking, politics to animals and just about everything in between, there is a 60-second video for nearly every market you can think of.

So what does this have to do with Amazon?

Amazon hauls and Amazon finds have become extremely popular content on the site. The #amazonfinds hashtag has over 1.6 billion views, with thousands of videos where users show random, useful, funny and surprising items that they have purchased on Amazon.

Fashion content is also wildly popular on the app, with influencers and everyday users sharing daily outfit inspiration and styling ideas. Amazon even has their own account on the site, @amazonfashion, that re-shares user’s content.

How Can I Use TikTok?

  1. Start an account for your brand: The great part about TikTok is that videos are authentic and mostly, not overly produced. If you’ve ever been afraid to create videos for your brand because you don’t have the budget, this is the app for you. PRO TIP: Share demos and educate users on your product. If you don’t have the means to produce videos, repost user generated content.
  2. Dedicate a hashtag to your brand: Make it easy for users to not only find your content, but also share content of their own. PRO TIP: Use trending songs, filters and hashtags to increase your views.
  3. Engage: Never underestimate the value of engaging with your followers and fans. REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: While scrolling through Instagram over the weekend, I commented on a video recommending a product from the brand Megababe. However, I didn’t tag the brand, I simply mentioned their name. The verified Megababe account then found my comment and replied, which prompted me to follow.
  4. Call to Action: You can’t post links in video captions, however, you can post 1 URL in your TikTok profile bio. While LinkTree is a popular option and allows you the ability to promote multiple links, keep in mind that more clicking = LESS conversion. Consider posting a direct link to your Amazon Brand Store or a specific PDP.

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What if TikTok Gets Shut Down?

Even if the app gets shut down, take this opportunity to go after new potential customers that you’ve struggled to reach elsewhere to increase brand awareness. Even if the site is blocked in the US, there is still a huge benefit to learning a new platform, especially if the app comes back.

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