Amazon Detail Pages: What You’re Missing

Amazon Detail Pages: What You’re Missing

There are five major components to Amazon Product Detail Pages (PDP). Today we are going beyond the basics and sharing ways you can take your product listings to the next level:


74% of Amazon Shoppers start their search on Amazon – Feedvisor

The product title is the initial sales pitch to the customer. Aside from the product images, the product title is the first look into what the product is. Titles should be:

  • Consistent: Make sure your brand name is spelled consistently across all of your products, including any specific formatting/capitalization.
  • Clear: Do not leave any ambiguity about what your product is.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Include only relevant keywords that provide context for your product. Don’t stuff unnecessary keywords in the title – you don’t want to confuse the customer or get your product listings to get pulled from search.

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Bullets/Product Description

20% of e-comm purchase failures are potentially the result of missing or unclear product information. – Nielsen Norman Group

Your product information needs to be informative yet digestible, while adhering to Amazon’s character/word count depending on your category. Your product details should have:

  • A Recognizable Voice: Keep your voice and tone consistent across all platforms so brand enthusiasts still feel connected to your brand, even when shopping on Amazon.
  • Easy-to-Read Format: Work within your categorical requirements to develop a structure that makes the pertinent information scannable.

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Product Images

76% of consumers and 85% of Millennials say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video – Bightcove

Looking to improve your PDP images? Product images are the face of your Amazon listing – the first impression of your product or brand. Upgrading your images and adding video might help increase conversion:

  • On Body Images: If you are selling apparel or accessories, having on model photography can help shoppers visualize the product in their own life. On body product shots are also helpful as a sizing reference, so be sure to include the models’ size(s) as well.
  • Video: Videos are a useful tool and can not only help display the product, but also provide instructional or educational information.

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A+ Content

Amazon Sells over 12 Million Products Online – Retail Touch Points

Including A+ Content on your product listing is becoming increasingly important to differentiate products in the sea of Amazon. This content should be rich in detail, imagery and elaborate on your product or brand story. Consider adding:

  • Comparison Charts: Compare your products to one another so customers can make informed purchasing decisions. Comparing the fit can be helpful so customers know if the product they’re viewing isn’t right for them, they have another option.
  • Educational Components/Instructions: If there is any ambiguity with the use case for your product, show customers how to use your product to help avoid any potential negative reviews. You want to answer any potential questions the customer might have through informative yet strategic content across your listing.

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Product Reviews

90% of Amazon shoppers wouldn’t buy a product with less than three stars – Feedvisor

Quality reviews are absolutely key for improving your rank and conversion. If you do not have enough reviews on your product, consider one of the following options:

  • Amazon Vine: If you are a 1P vendor looking to generate more reviews, this may be a good option. The program is over a decade old and has proven to be a valuable way to garner reviews for new products.
  • Early Reviewer Program: The Early Reviewer Program is available for 3P sellers, and is a great solution for brand new products on Amazon. 

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