How To Protect Your Amazon Seller Rating

How To Protect Your Amazon Seller Rating

Amazon Seller Rating Explained:

Amazon averages your account’s score (out of a total 100 points) from each order within 365 days on a weighted scale. For example, negative customer feedback from a verified purchase carries more weight on this scale than a positive customer review. Listed below are the factors that contribute to your overall Seller Rating – each factor is weighted differently within the Amazon Seller Rating algorithm; however, you can maintain your positive score by sustaining this list of major components below:

  • Response Time: Respond to your customers as soon as possible – the longer it takes you to respond to customer inquiries, the more likely you are to lose points. This is where you are able to relay the brand voice and make a lasting impression on the customer.
  • Shipping Times: Your shipping windows promised on your product pages should always reflect your real shipping times and shipment processing abilities. If you are not able to deliver on your shipping promises, adjust accordingly.
  • Customer Feedback: Your Seller Rating is largely affected by negative customer feedback. Compared to positive customer feedback, negative feedback carries a lot more weight on the scale. Negative feedback can be avoided by providing all the information necessary to understand the product that is being purchased; when viewing (and purchasing) a product, the customer should not be left with any outstanding questions. Obviously, there will always be questions about the product (see Response Time above), but the content within your listings makes just as much of an impact.
  • Order cancellations: Your Seller Rating will decrease if an order is placed and the buyer cancels the order before it has shipped.
  • A-to-Z Claims: These claims allow Amazon shoppers to buy with confidence (with a few restrictions). Anytime a customer makes a purchase, their satisfaction with the condition of the item and a timely delivery is guaranteed by Amazon. Each time a customer submits an A-to-Z Claim for your product or delivery, this negatively affects your score.
  • Chargebacks: A chargeback is when a buyer claims the charge as a fraudulent purchase and contacts their credit card company or bank to refund the amount.

Additional Seller Rating Protection:

Above, we discussed Amazon’s practices for grading your Seller Rating. There are additional areas where you can improve and boost your rating when stock considerations come into play. There are many areas that Amazon assesses that contributes to the success of your rating like:

  • Refund Rate: If you are issuing refunds often, Amazon will think your customer is not satisfied which leads to docked points from your Seller Rating.
  • Order Defect Rate: This metric represents the overall issues within a single order.
  • Returns: You are judged with how efficiently and successfully you complete and issue a return.
  • Tracking Rate: Shipment tracking is used for the customer to track where their shipment is within transit, however, you are responsible to provide shipping information to the customer.
  • Customer Support: You are judged on your ability to solve the customer’s problems or provide assistance.
  • Negative Feedback Rate: You are not only docked for negative feedback, but you are also docked on the ratio of negative feedback to all orders.
  • Perfect Order Percentage: The goal should always be to provide the buyer with the perfect order – this metric measures how many times this occurs.
  • Pre-Shipment Cancellation Rate: When you are the cause of a cancelled or halted shipment or an item cannot be fulfilled within an order, this metric grades your ability to maintain a fully stocked and readily available inventory.

There are clearly so many elements that contribute to your overall Seller Rating. This list of items to look out for is more of a guide so that you have a direction of progress to move towards. You may not necessarily always have a 100 Seller Rating yet, but if you perform to the best of your ability, be sure to take these rating benchmarks into consideration.

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