Amazon Releases Creative Asset Library

Amazon Releases Creative Asset Library

Amazon released a new tool within the A+ content builder called the Creative Asset Library. An archive of all A+ images you’ve uploaded in the past, the new feature makes optimizing product listings a whole lot easier. Instead of taking the time to re-upload A+ content files from your computer, a gallery of images is now available at your fingertips in the builder so you, and anyone else with access to your Amazon account, can add your assets more efficiently.

Still new to creating A+ content? Check out our educational post Amazon 101: A+ Content for a more detailed look at the benefits and strategies of this feature.

How to Use The Creative Asset Library 

  • When you click on a module to upload an image to A+, the Asset Library will pop up with all previously uploaded images and their exact dimensions to help you find the perfect fit. 

  • A search bar is included at the top, where you can search for specific images by file name or alt-text — which the builder now prompts you to add, along with tags, when first uploading an image. Make sure to add tags and alt-text for customers using screen reader applications and to keep your library organized.

  • We recommend using a consistent tagging process to ensure consistency when searching for and applying assets. 

  • To find specific images even quicker, filter the images by size or file name.

  • Once you find your desired image, simply hover over it to view its details or add it to your A+.

The new Creative Asset Library is especially useful if you have several of the same assets for various products or frequent seasonal updates. Multiple users within your Amazon account are also able to access the library, ensuring that all of your assets are available across your team.

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