Amazon 101: Email Marketing Campaigns

Amazon 101: Email Marketing Campaigns

Amazon Reviews are a key player in boosting your product’s ranking. There are a number of creative strategies you can implement to solicit reviews, but the two most popular are packaging inserts and drip campaigns. 

Drip campaigns, otherwise known as drip marketing, are a form of communication that “drip” out messaging or advertising over a period of time. On Amazon, these emails all occur within the Buyer-Seller Messaging System in Seller Central.

Benefits of Buyer-Seller Messaging: The Buyer-Seller Portal keeps a record of your buyer-seller correspondence. This beneficial communication tool offers:

  • Increased security of buyer-seller communication
  • A central location for all of your communication
  • A communication record to help reduce disputes and claims
  • Template creation within the portal to efficiently edit messaging to send out quickly

Amazon outlines strict guidelines for sellers and customer communication after a purchase has been made. It’s important to adhere to these guidelines to prevent any negative action from being taken against your account by Amazon for infringing on these rules.

Guidelines for Contacting Customers: Your message text cannot include:

  • Links to any websites
  • Links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts
  • Seller logos if they contain or display a link to the seller’s website
  • Any marketing messages or promotions
  • Any promotions for additional products or referrals to third-party products or promotions

Important Note: You cannot exclusively ask customers to leave positive reviews through drip campaigns or packaging inserts. In both circumstances it is important that you only ask customers to leave a review. It is also prohibited to offer them any compensation for a review, including money or gift cards, free or discounted products, refunds or reimbursements or any other future benefits.

HOT TIP: While you can’t add external links within your email, you can add attachments. This is a great place to attach any supplemental material such as sale information or your social media handles.

Below are two drip marketing templates for reference:

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