4 Ways You Should Leverage Your Social Media

4 Ways You Should Leverage Your Social Media

While social media is a fun escape, when executed correctly, it is an invaluable tool for your company. There are a number of platforms to choose from, all with their own media formats, demographics and niche communities. While you may be tempted to be everywhere, a focused social media strategy that is executed well on one channel is better than being on multiple channels without a clear purpose.

There are 4 key ways you can use social media to help build your brand:

  1. Community
  2. Education
  3. Communication
  4. Promotion

Every piece of content on social media should either build your community, educate, communicate or promote your products, brand or services. If your content is not doing that, it is not worth sharing.

Here is a breakdown of the main social media channels and their purpose:

Instagram is an extremely versatile channel. With beautifully curated feeds, engaging features on Instagram Stories, short and long-form video content as well as live streaming, the average user spends nearly an hour a day on the app, providing you the opportunity to convey your message.

Best messages to use on Instagram:

  1. Education: Create video content to help educate your followers about your brand or products.
  2. Communication: Communicate important messages and updates on Stories.
  3. Community: Take advantage of the engaging features in Stories such as polls and questions.
  4. Promotion: You can make posts shoppable and use the “Swipe Up” feature in Stories to drive traffic to your Amazon page or other sales channels.

Below Cane+Austin connects with their community in a funny, relatable way that is relevant to their skincare products:

YouTube is not the right channel for everyone, but if your product requires an educational component, YouTube is the place for your brand. Create videos that teach consumers about your product, demonstrate use cases or share inspiration for how to use your product. If your brand has a unique origin, tell that story through video to connect with your customers. The best part: you can repurpose your videos on your Amazon PDPs for more engaging content, and loop short videos on your Brand Store.

Best messages to use on YouTube: 

  1. Education: Help teach your customers what your products are all about.
  2. Community: Your videos shouldn’t all be serious-have a Q&A video with your brand founder and share testimonials from your employees–customers appreciate getting to know the people behind the logo.
  3. Promotion: If you have a new product, share the launch video on your YouTube channel.

Below PCA SKIN highlights their employee’s at-home skincare to educate their customers about the importance of a routine, as well as their products:

Twitter is where you interact with your community with short blurbs and quick conversations. Twitter is a great place to infuse a little humor into your brand. Merriam Webster is the perfect example of an unlikely brand who flourishes on Twitter. They put their #WordsMatter slogan to practice, actively replying to their community, answering questions and serving quick, although sometimes corny, jokes.

Best messages to use on Twitter:

  1. Communication: Twitter is used as another line of communication for customer service, so it’s important that the account admin knows the best way to respond to customers’ questions or issues. 
  2. Community: Reply and retweet your customers so they feel motivated to remain in/join your online community.
  3. Promotion: Twitter content is not meant to be evergreen, so it’s a great platform to push out quick sales on Amazon like Lightning Deals or Coupons

Below The North Face builds their community through active communication by replying to customers who made a recent purchase:

While primarily a B2B platform, LinkedIn can also be a great way to connect with customers. Your content should be professional, since it is a business-networking platform. Videos on LinkedIn average 3x the amount of engagement as static posts, so consider including videos (with closed captions) as a part of your content strategy.

Best messages to use on LinkedIn: 

  1. Communication: Share employee spotlights, quarterly revenue data and information about overall company performance. 
  2. Community: Posting about your employees on LinkedIn will help people feel more connected to your company, and will encourage more people to follow for your job postings in the future.

Below 3M highlights their employees’ hard work during the COVID-19 crisis in a way that is informational and relevant without being self serving. The post also demonstrates the brand’s core values, without even having to directly say what they are:

Facebook still lives on as the reigning champion of social media. While the platform has struggled in recent years with plateauing daily users and information leaks, nearly 2/3 of the world’s populations still uses it every month. One way you can use Facebook advertising is to drive traffic to your Amazon Brand Store. Tracking the traffic generated from Facebook ads is crucial and thanks to Amazon’s tagged sources, you can now track how much of your brand store traffic is coming from Facebook.

Best messages to use on Facebook: 

  1. Communication: Facebook provides a resource for further connecting with your existing customers and reaching new markets. Repurpose your brand’s video content to visually capture attention while people scroll through the home feed. Pro-Tip: short videos, or looping images with motion perform best here.
  2. Promotion: Advertise to your target consumers who are active on Amazon.

Below Project 7 uses their post to highlight a new gum, educate their community about that product and promotes Amazon as a channel:

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When deciding on what social media channels your brand should evaluate your time, resources and budget to determine how many channels you can be on. To choose which channels are best for you, consider where your consumers spend their time, but also consider less-saturated social media channels where you can create a name for yourself, and make your advertising dollars go further.

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