Prime Day Prep 2020: Advertising Strategy

Prime Day Prep 2020: Advertising Strategy

UPDATE: Prime Day 2020 will start October 13.

Preparing our clients for Prime Day has been an ongoing discussion since early May, when we all thought  Prime Day would happen on time. Luckily these ongoing discussions have helped us develop a Plan A, B C and beyond, so we want to help you as well.

In case you missed it, our first article in this 3-part series outlined general guidelines for this year’s Prime Day. Today we are primarily focused on finding the best advertising strategy for your needs and budget.

 Know Your Advertising Types

Whether you plan on participating in Prime Day or are saving your budget for later in the quarter, there are a number of different ways you can advertise, each of which serve a different purpose. The right combination of advertising types can also give your brand a more holistic approach to your advertising strategy.

Types of Advertising Strategies

No matter what your Prime Day budgets look like, or whether or not you’re officially participating, we have developed a strategy to help make sure you have a successful Prime Day:

  • If you aren’t running Prime Day promotions
    • SPONSORED BRAND: Driving to a specific brand store sub page
    • SPONSORED PRODUCT: Always-on approach helps your post-Prime Day relevance and efficiency 
  • If you have a limited budget
    • Similar approach to the above, however, you’ll want to shift in strategy to focus on higher-converting, more refined keywords that can help minimize cost
  • If you have more budget available
    • SPONSORED PRODUCT: High-converting ad type
    • SPONSORED BRAND: Utilize all 3 available options with standard images, lifestyle images and video
    • DSP
  • If you’re prioritizing long-term goals
    • DSP: Great for exposure and retargeting

Maximizing the Halo Effect

Final Thoughts

 Remember, Prime Day saturation is to be expected and therefore, may require extra spend to have the same placement you typically aim for. Create realistic goals, but at the same time, do not feel discouraged if those goals aren’t fully met. Now is not the time to aim for a high RoAs

No matter what ad type, or combination you utilize for Prime Day, remember that choosing the right budget, bid and keywords are paramount.

This article is Part 2 of 3 in our 2020 Prime Day Preparation series. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest notifications and updates.

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