Macarta x Intentwise: Optimize your Amazon Advertising Strategy

Macarta x Intentwise: Optimize your Amazon Advertising Strategy

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced Intentwise, our advertising team’s preferred platform for a robust Amazon advertising strategy and why they love it so much. In this post, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the value of switching and explaining how those benefits work in greater detail. 

Types of Campaigns

There are a handful of different targeting optimization available within Sponsored Product Ads, but two of the most commonly utilized are automatic and manual campaigns:

  • With automated campaigns, Amazon places an ad and then reports back on the data, letting users know which keywords the ad showed on (even if the consumer didn’t convert on the keyword). It’s essentially a research campaign. 
  • Manual campaigns, on the other hand, are when ad experts take the data from that auto campaign and specifically target the highest converting keywords through manually set keyword bids. 

In essence, an automated Amazon advertising campaign gives more control to Amazon which can be useful for research but also includes a lot of guesswork whereas manual campaigns give a lot more control to the user. 

5 Reasons to Switch to Intentwise

#1: It offers more control over campaigns

While most of the Amazon advertising platform options available offer both automated and manual campaigns, only utilizing one of those options can be extremely limiting for a comprehensive strategy. By only using automated campaigns, experts aren’t given the freedom to maximize ad dollars, but by only using manual campaigns, they don’t have as much research data to pull from. 

On top of that, many experts using Intentwise will maximize their Amazon advertising strategy by continuing to keep automated campaigns running year round (as background research). That way they’re getting data that’s relevant to the time of year or specific seasons so as not to miss out on those opportunities. 

Although Amazon’s native platform offers options for both automated and manual campaigns, Intentwise delivers the power of both with greater control and precision.  

#2: It saves hours of time for ad experts

Keyword migration from automated campaigns to manual campaigns is notorious for being lengthy and clunky with less savvy ad management platforms: explore a list, isolate data, set filters, create a new report, upload to the advertising console, and make sure those keywords were added to the right campaign. 

The process can take hours upon hours — not so with Intentwise. The process is as simple as a single click. 

With all those hours saved, it’s no wonder that our ad experts are able to manage as many clients as they do!

#3: It delivers a great user experience

Not only does Intentwise save time, it vastly improves how data is viewable. By aggregating data at multiple levels and with multiple views, users have a better way of understanding broad trends and unique nuances with their Amazon advertising strategy. An expert has the ability to dive into granular insights for a specific client within a certain time frame or see emerging trends across all of their accounts. 

Not only does this make users’ workflows more succinct and efficient, it provides experts with the opportunity to make actionable inferences.

#4: It provides intelligent suggestions

It’s not entirely uncommon for an Amazon advertising campaign to be missing out on trending keywords. To help overcome this, Intentwise provides a gap analysis between what you already have and what keywords you could also be targeting for a more lucrative campaign. This could include completely new keywords a user might not have thought of or higher converting variations of keywords that are already being targeted.

#5: It offers ASIN Targeting

In addition to targeting keywords and displaying your ads on search results pages, ad experts also have the opportunity to capitalize on ASIN targeting. Although this can be done within Amazon’s native platform, Intentwise streamlines the process by suggesting which ASINs to add within a targeted campaign for an even more robust and advanced Amazon advertising strategy. 

What does that mean?

Within automatic campaigns, Amazon will put ads of a similar product type on a competitor’s Product Detail Page (PDP) and then tell you what ASIN that ad appeared on. 

For example, if you’re selling a kitchen stand mixer, your ad might be displayed on one of Kitchenaid’s PDPs in the “Products related to this item” carousel. If that ad results in a high conversion rate, then users have the ability to launch a sponsored product ASIN targeting campaign. 

Now, instead of targeting specific keywords, ad experts can target specific PDPs by giving their ad management platform a list of specific ASINs to go after. Intentwise helps achieve this by taking out the manual, and often tedious, aspect of finding those ASINs by suggesting them through automatic campaigns and asking if you’d like to create a custom campaign. 

Getting Started 

So, should you sign up for Intentwise and use it by yourself or should you hire an agency using a powerful Amazon advertising platform like Intentwise? 

Although only you can answer that question, here’s a helpful analogy:

  • Using a tool like Intentwise on your own is like being handed the keys to a Formula 1 race car. You may be able to compete in the race, but the outcome is determined by your own expertise.
  • Hiring an Amazon agency that uses Intentwise is like jumping in the passenger seat with a seasoned Formula 1 driver who knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

    Timing, experience, precision, reading data as it comes, pivoting quickly, and making changes in ways that reach your goals — these are the results of working with experts. Plus, when you hire an agency you get an entire support team too, just the way a driver has their pit crew. 

Are you ready to jump in with the experts and supercharge your Amazon advertising strategy? Let us know by clicking HERE!

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