Macarta x Intentwise: Amazon Advertising Meets Agency Experts

Macarta x Intentwise: Amazon Advertising Meets Agency Experts

Here at Macarta, we consider ourselves fortunate to have so many experts across our company — our team is what gives us a competitive edge. However, even experts require powerful tools to maximize their output and streamline processes. Today we’re taking a look at Intentwise — a tool used daily by our Advertising team to push the limits and abilities of Amazon advertising. Our Search Marketing Manager and in-house master of Intentwise, Rene Crandall, reviews the tool and answers some frequently asked questions.

What is Intentwise?

Intentwise is an ad management platform that helps users improve their Amazon advertising capabilities. It takes the data from a vendor or seller advertising portal, runs it through the Amazon API, and then presents that data in a more readable, usable, and actionable fashion.

Essentially, it can help a user do everything from planning and running advertising campaigns to providing research tools, insights, data, and more to help experts make informed decisions and maximize advertising dollars. 

Why is it important for Amazon advertising?

Using an intelligent tool like Intentwise has some major advantages. To start, Amazon’s advertising console is rather limited in its capabilities. While it certainly has some useful features, most users outgrow it pretty quickly, especially our advertising expert Rene. For her, Intentwise has been an absolute game changer. 

One of the reasons why it’s so powerful is that it can aggregate all of your data at the client level, or even a wider dashboard view level. 

“It saves us so much time because it’s an aggregate view, we can filter things however we want, it presents data in a clean way, and everything is exportable. You don’t have to click through a bunch of screens to get the data you want.” 

If you’re managing multiple clients like Rene does, Intentwise can deliver a synopsis for a specific date range, for example. It’s able to present data in a more organized way which lends itself to a better visualization. 

More organized data = easier to filter through = a very actionable dashboard.

3 Reasons to Use Intentwise

Arguably the most important feature of Intentwise is that it improves efficiencies when it comes to advertising optimization. It’s not uncommon for a client to target thousands upon thousands of keywords — to go through each of those at an individual campaign level is very monotonous and time consuming. But with Intentwise, there are a few options:

  1. Automate 

For one, the platform has its own automated optimization. At the campaign level, users have the ability to set targets like ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale). Once those are set, Intentwise can be set to automatically change keyword bids in order to hit that target over time. 

This saves a lot of time versus manually tracking and changing keywords, and those time savings are multiplied when managing numerous accounts and campaigns.

“One of the big reasons why Intentwise is so important for me is that it’s a huge time saver — there’s just so much clunkiness in the Amazon Advertising Console, especially with manual optimization processes.” 

  1. Customize

Additionally, you can set custom optimizations based on your own unique filters, which is especially helpful for a more granular advertising strategy. 

These customized filters and thresholds can be used to optimize keywords based on a number of different KPIs, for example, as well as frequency and timing (e.g. I want this optimization around three times a week, or I want this optimization every single day at specific times across certain groups of campaigns). 

Depending on your needs, these customizations are virtually limitless. 

This versatility is what makes Intentwise so powerful. Most platforms only offer one one blanket option, either: 

  • Users can run an automatic optimization without any ability to tweak specifics, or
  • Users can run a fully customized campaign without any ability to automate.
  1. Save Time

Intentwise also improves advertising efficiency. By having automated optimizations running, whether it’s an Intentwise automation or specific custom targets that are set on the back end by Rene, it delivers peace of mind knowing that every single account is being bid optimized every single day.

Even the best advertising expert doesn’t have the ability or bandwidth to comb through every single keyword in every campaign and make the necessary changes. 

With Intentwise, the automations do the heavy lifting while giving experts the time and space to analyze performance metrics, re-target based on that data, and dive into the intricacies of each campaign. Even with automations, manual changes can still be made based upon outliers that don’t fit perfectly into a bucket (such as top performing campaigns and under performing ones). 

In short, it lets experts be experts. 

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