Turkey 5 2021 Recap

Turkey 5 2021 Recap

The holiday shopping season is drawing to a close, and by extension, we can finally turn the page on 2021. With supply chain shortages and the highest rate of inflation in decades, not to mention another new Covid variant, consumers continue to make their way through a constantly fluctuating marketplace. Despite all this, however, that didn’t stop this year’s Turkey 5 (T5) from being a great success.

Spanning the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, T5 is a major internet shopping event. As brands and digital marketers adapt to the ever-changing shopping landscape, retailers and e-commerce stores alike have continued to divert more and more attention towards this tentpole shopping event, with enormous success. Moreover, after two years now of unparalleled internet shopping, the framework for a strong and successful T5 strategy has emerged.

Macarta T5 Amazon Sales Performance Data

All Macarta Brand Partners Performance

While the struggle of achieving pre-pandemic T5 numbers still reigns supreme, brands are continuing to adapt to the new normal with successful results. This year, Macarta’s North America operations, along with our brand new Brazil-based office, were extraordinarily successful in maximizing profits and minimizing costs for our partners.

Macarta U.S.

Macarta’s US team had a fantastic T5 this year. Exceeding the industry average ROAS, the US team brought home impressive numbers during a T5 that was, according to Amazon, the “biggest kickoff to the holiday shopping season ever.” Even more impressive is that, outside of the Amazon digital marketplace, Cyber Monday sales dipped 1.4% since last year — meaning we have a strong position in a marketplace that is increasingly becoming synonymous with T5 shopping, this year alone capturing 17.7% of all Black Friday shopping dollars alone. 

  • $5 ROAS
  • CTR .21%
  • CPC .75 cents
  • 145 million impressions

Macarta Mexico

Macarta Mexico continued its upward trend from 2020, while also continuing the wave of enormous success that was El Buen Fin 2021. As our Mexico team has grown exponentially, both in brand partners and new hires, their significantly higher than average ROAS and overall great performance have shown that they are a strong player in Mexico’s digital marketplace space.

  • $9 USD ROAS
  • CTR .41%
  • CPC .32 cents

Macarta Brazil

The newest members of the Macarta family, based in São Paulo, had a fantastic first T5. During one of Brazil’s weakest T5 periods in recent years, our rapidly growing Brazil team nonetheless achieved record success for their brand partners. With no data from last year, Macarta Brazil has set some high expectations following an extremely strong performance right out of the gate.

  • $14 USD ROAS
  • CTR .35%
  • CPC .11 cents

Macarta T5 Amazon PPC Performance Data

Globally, Macarta achieved an incredible milestone with this T5 with a jaw-dropping 231 million impressions. To put it in perspective, that is over half of the US population, meaning if you happened to log on to Amazon during T5, there is a very high chance you were served one of our ads — and just maybe you generated a conversion for us too!

All Macarta Brand Partners

  • Impressions increased 12% YoY
  • Clicks increased 69% YoY

Macarta Mexico Highlight

  • Impressions increased 184% YoY
  • Clicks increased 221% YoY
  • Spend increased 150% YoY

As with last year, Macarta’s numbers keep roaring upward. Turkey Five 2021 continued last year’s trend of maintaining high impression and click rates, accentuating the market’s strong shift to e-commerce as brick and mortar stores continue to suffer from the pandemic.

2021 Performance Data Analysis: Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

This year, we saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday perform similarly, with both days leading to a significant increase in impressions, clicks, and orders. These high impression volumes on both days reflect the fact that shoppers are committed to checking for deals throughout the holiday weekend. Of course, brands that offered discounts saw a higher increase in day-over-day (DoD) orders than brands with no discounts.

Sales and Advertising for Macarta USA Brand Partners

  • Sales saw a 3% increase from BF to CM
  • ACoS% decreased 2%
  • Ad Spend decreased 4%
  • ROAS increased by .5%

Need help maneuvering your campaign through next year’s Turkey 5? Reach out to us HERE and let’s get started early.

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