How Amazon’s Spanish Language Targeting Program Can Acquire New Customers

How Amazon’s Spanish Language Targeting Program Can Acquire New Customers

In today’s rapidly evolving digital marketplace landscape, reaching diverse audiences has become increasingly important for brands seeking to expand their reach and maximize their impact. One powerful and ever-evolving tool that has emerged as a resource specifically for those brands doing business on Amazon is the US Spanish Ads program. This program allows advertisers to connect with Spanish-speaking consumers in a more meaningful and intentional way.


What is the Spanish Language Ads Program?


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US Spanish Ads equip brands to reach a wide range of Spanish speakers in the US. Going beyond a simple, and potentially inaccurate translation that free translation tools may give, US Spanish Ads enables brands to communicate with audiences – and potential customers – with contextually relevant Spanish-language content. Brands can deliver their message to audiences almost anywhere they consume content, from Amazon sites and apps (including streaming services), through Amazon Publisher Direct and third-party, and the range of English DSP tools.


  • Initially introduced as a Managed-Service only offering, under the name SLP (Spanish Language of Preference); it has since been rebranded to USS – (US Spanish)


  • Amazon’s Language Targeting program rolled out globally last year and is a tool to enable advertisers to speak more intentionally to their target customers, in their preferred language. This program exists and supports 20+ languages throughout Amazon’s global properties (e.g. Turkish in Germany; English in Sweden)


The U.S. Hispanic population (many of whom likely speak Spanish) reached 63.6 million in 2022, up from 50.5 million in 2010. Noting that the 26% increase in the Hispanic population was faster than the nation’s 8% growth rate, it’s safe to assume that many of these residents are also engaging with Amazon and its offerings. By specializing content for this consumer, there’s lots of potential for brands trying to expand their reach.


How Does it Work?


Amazon customers essentially opt-in for this feature with minimal effort necessary on their part. When users in the US change their language of preference on Amazon to Spanish, they will enjoy “Amazon en Español.” It’s that simple. “Once those individuals have indicated a Spanish preference, not only will they begin viewing the site (PDPs and brand pages) in Spanish, but they will be served Spanish ads as well.

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Additionally, even if Amazon customers are not opting-in to Amazon en Español, advertisers are able to contextually identify relevant shoppers, based on the content they are consuming across Prime Video and other Streaming TV channels.


How is Macarta leveraging this program?


The true magic happens when retail media agencies like Macarta go beyond traditional advertising tactics and embrace a holistic approach to engage with Spanish-speaking consumers. From crafting compelling copy in Spanish to developing creative assets that speak directly to the target audience, every aspect of the campaign is carefully curated to deliver a seamless and authentic experience. Here’s how:

  • Macarta is leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud to identify relevant “Gateway” products to inform which products from our brand partners’ catalogs are most likely to convert a Spanish-speaking shopper
  • Macarta is tapping into its Creative Teams in both the US and Mexico to adapt on-site Creative and Copy to deliver a more curated and intentional experience to a Spanish-speaking shopper when they toggle to Spanish language preference
  • Macarta has created a custom marketing strategy to target Spanish-speaking shoppers throughout Amazon’s ecosystem to ensure we are targeting shoppers with the right language, in the right tone, and on the right devices to drive new customer adoption


The tool in action


One standout example of the success of implementing the use of Spanish language ads is Macarta’s collaboration with a large airline in Mexico on their “Find Your Heritage” campaign, which targeted Mexican nationals and individuals of Mexican descent residing in key cities across the United States. By geo-targeting Spanish-speaking consumers and delivering tailored messaging, Macarta was able to drive significant traffic to the airline’s website and ultimately increase ticket sales.


And most recently, Macarta has seen success for one of our apparel brand partners. By fully buying into US Spanish Ads and combining that with a comprehensive strategy, the brand has seen huge gains.


  • Nearly 1/2 of all converted customers are New to Brand (48.81%)
  • Over 30M impressions have been delivered to Spanish-speaking customers
  • Over $1.4M in Sales driven against $40k in spend, at a 36.79 ROAS


The success of these campaigns demonstrates the immense potential of Amazon’s Spanish Language Ads program in reaching and engaging with diverse audiences. Language relevancy is driving results.


Amazon’s US Spanish Ads program presents a valuable opportunity for brands. As the Spanish-speaking population continues to grow and play an increasingly influential role in shaping consumer trends, advertisers must embrace new strategies and platforms to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging innovative tactics and creative strategies, Brands can tap into new markets, drive growth, and establish lasting, meaningful connections with diverse audiences


Discover How Macarta Can Help Better Target Spanish-Speaking Customers

From our Denver-based headquarters, and with offices around the world, including Mexico, Macarta is a global full-service marketplace agency specializing in retail media. If you’re ready to explore how Spanish-language advertising can drive growth for your business, let’s connect. Our team is ready to guide you through the process.

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