Navigating Amazon’s Beauty Category

Navigating Amazon’s Beauty Category

The beauty industry is moving online. Though brick-and-mortar still dominates, offline share in the industry is declining while online climbs. Predicted to surge to 48% in the US by 2023, the online beauty market attracts consumers looking for both convenience and high-quality products.

Amazon’s success in the category is no surprise. Bolstered by the pandemic, its focus on competitive pricing, and features that fit well with beauty (i.e. Subscribe & Save), Amazon’s beauty sales are at an all-time high. The Amazon beauty category is host to products you can find at your local drugstore or salon, as well as prestige makeup and up-and-coming beauty brands.

Amazon Premium Beauty

When the Premium Beauty category launched on Amazon in 2013, the beauty and personal care industry generated over $70 billion in the US alone. Ten years later, the category is projected to generate over $90 billion in 2023. Amazon launched the Premium Beauty category at just the right time as the beauty space began to explode, thanks to the help of YouTube and Instagram.

Per Amazon, Premium Beauty offers “a curated collection of the world’s most sought-after luxury brands,” such as L’Occitane En Provence and Haus Laboratories (Lady Gaga). The biggest advantage to joining the Premium Beauty category is to help prestige brands maintain control over their brand image as well as crack down on unauthorized sellers of their products. 

Note that Amazon must invite your brand to join the Premium Beauty category. If you would like to be considered, our team can help — contact us here.

Content Differences in the Premium Beauty Category:

  • Product detail requirements differ from traditional products sold on Amazon. You are allowed three bullet points versus six — Description, Benefit, and Suggested Use.
    • Description: 229 characters
    • Benefit: 115 characters
    • Suggested Use: 160 characters
  • Small images with icons or callouts are also allowed for the bullet points.

Amazon Professional Beauty 

Professional Beauty contains products that can be found in professional settings like spas, salons, and dermatologist offices. Further divided into the Professional Skin Care and Salon & Spa categories, it contains all items a professional might use for their customer’s hair, skin, and nails. With benefits like free shipping for beauty professionals, it provides a convenient destination to shop high-quality products. 

Note that the content requirements are the same as Premium Beauty.

Amazon Indie Beauty

Launched in 2018, the Indie Beauty category on Amazon gives emerging brands the opportunity to access Amazon’s vast customer base. Amazon houses an overwhelming number of products; however, this designated space allows brands to stand out to a niche market looking for brands that are smaller, natural, or make unique products.

How to Sell in the Indie Beauty Category:

  • Brand must be at least 50% owned by an independent operator
  • Brand must not be available at large retailers like Ulta, Sephora, Target, Walmart, or other major retailers
  • Brand must have an active Amazon storefront
  • All products must be Prime eligible


Navigating Amazon’s vast beauty category isn’t always easy. It’s important to remember that there are customers eager to try your unique products, but reaching them can be challenging. Our experts at Macarta can help:

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