Shark Tank Company Finds Success on Amazon

Shark Tank Company Finds Success on Amazon

A Golf Great is Born

Tyler Stuart, John Krosky and Matt Mockus love golf, but hate traditional golf shoes. The trio had trouble finding cool, comfortable golf shoes that were equally functional and stylish. They thought, “What if we could just add traction to a pair of Chucks or Jordans?” With that, an idea that started in a Denver garage took them all the way to the set of Shark Tank.

Prior to receiving a funding offer from billionaire Mark Cuban, the founders launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for Golfkicks to provide freedom of footwear choice to golfers around the world. The easy-to-install spikes are now on their third iteration, providing even greater durability and professional-grade traction to avid golfers.

Golfkicks, Meet Macarta

When Macarta first spoke with Golfkicks, the partnership felt like a natural fit – two Denver companies looking to make a difference in the marketplace.

“If Amazon was the gnarliest golf course on the planet you’d want Macarta as your caddie,” says Tyler Stuart. “We hit it off from day one, the Macarta team is excellent, and we are swiftly moving from clueless to selling a lot of Golfkicks on Amazon.”

Stepping into the Tank

Tyler and John stepped, or rather drove into the Shark Tank in October 2019 on a golf cart in hopes of securing $300,000 for an 8% stake in the company.

“The Shark Tank experience was a blast.” Tyler reflects. “We were nervous as hell but practiced enough that our pitch went smoothly and the Sharks were friendly. Ever see the debate scene in the movie Old School?”

Left-right: Cuban, Tyler and John. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Golfkicks struck a deal with Cuban and received $300,000 in funding for 13% of their company.

A Hole in One on Amazon 

The timing of the Golfkicks episode premiering on ABC aligned with Golfkicks pre-sale on Amazon. Demand for the self-install golf cleats was higher than predicted, with three colorways selling out of inventory before they even arrived to Denver. 

Golfkicks remains a #1 New Release in the Golf Spikes category since pre-sales started, thanks to Golfkicks’ innovation and the optimized content strategy Macarta implemented.

At the onset of Golfkicks selling on Amazon, the goal for our partnership is to manage and maximize high-demand generated by Shark Tank exposure. The main initiative for 2020 is to deploy a strategic advertising and content plan to reach and educate new customers to continue the accelerated growth.

Macarta is looking forward to our continued partnership with Golfkicks on Amazon as we move into 2020.

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