Fast Facts: How Amazon Stacks Against the D2C Model

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Fast Facts: How Amazon Stacks Against the D2C Model

With the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model on the rapid rise for many companies such as Warby Parker, Allbirds, FIGS, and plenty of other smaller brands, you might be wondering if it’s the right direction for your business.

While many of our brand partners choose an omnichannel approach that leverages in-store sales and D2C alongside Amazon, here’s a breakdown of how D2C stacks up against Amazon.

While the Amazon e-commerce process isn’t technically D2C, it has quite a few advantages for performing in a similar vein…

The Direct-to-Consumer Promise

D2C is a valuable business model provided that costs are kept low, according to Marker’s Alex Kantrowits. Initially, this was a huge boon for companies looking to leverage online sales and cut out middlemen, and was accelerated by the pandemic.

Now, many of those companies are reeling from shrinking margins, revenue contraction, and loss of stock valuation due to several factors…

D2C Downtrends & Amazon Uptrends

While this industry is ever-changing, we’ve identified some trends that marketers and advertisers need to take into account for upcoming strategies. Highlighting key points such as how to find your target audience, where you can track users, and how to provide reliable delivery times for consumers are crucial when evaluating your D2C model.

  • Facebook Ad $$$ Up, Brand Recognition Down
  • Apple Security = Less Tracking
  • Supply Chain Problems Persist



  • Facebook Ads
    In the last 2 years, Facebook Ads have more than tripled. This eats into costs and has created a platform that is more competitive than ever, meaning that creating and maintaining brand recognition comes at a higher cost.
  • Amazon Ads
    Amazon, on the other hand, while seeing an increase in ad cost (which is to be expected) hasn’t experienced quite the same level as Meta — an attractive reason to leverage the ever-growing marketplace.

Security & Tracking

  • Apple iOS
    Ever since the release of iOS 14.5 back in Q2 ‘21, advertisers that rely on 3rd party cookies have been struggling to maintain accurate attribution metrics. Apple’s Ad Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework now gives users more control over who can track their activity, forcing advertisers to request permission before tracking.

    With the launch, Meta’s attribution has been off by anywhere from 30 – 50% according to some reports, resulting in more ad spend with less accurate data. Feels like throwing money into a blackhole.

  • Amazon Tracking
    Thanks to Amazon’s 1st Party relationship with consumers, sellers don’t have to deal with the major blow to tracking that Meta’s platforms are experiencing. Instead of relying on 3rd Party tracking, Amazon leverages shopping profiles since each user must sign up with an email address (regardless of whether they’re a Prime Member).

    This means more accurate attribution metrics and that your dollar goes further when online advertising on Amazon.

Supply Chain Problems

  • Global Supply Chain Issues
    Another year and still more supply chain disruptions abound — the price to import a container of goods to the US from China has more than 7X’d (from $2k to $15k), and everyone is stuck vying for the same containers from just a handful of shipping companies.
  • Booming Amazon Logistics
    While Amazon is also beholden to the same international shipping delays that everyone else is facing, they’ve excelled domestically with an increase in fulfillment centers, new electric delivery vehicles, and an expansion of Amazon Air — 70% of the population now lives within 100 miles of an airport where Amazon packages are delivered.

    After all, 2-Day Amazon Prime Shipping is still delivered in 2 days.

When it comes to finding another channel to sell products, Amazon is a proven marketplace with a constant eye on the future. If you’re thinking of moving beyond D2C, stepping into Amazon, or growing your existing catalog, why not start on the right foot with Macarta — one of Amazon’s official Advanced Partner agencies?

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