Amazon Bans Members for Frequent Returns

Amazon Bans Members for Frequent Returns

Don’t get too comfortable with the free return policy, Amazon is keeping track. Customers have reported their accounts were suspended without warning. The cause? Too many returns.

Over the years, Amazon has maintained its customer-focused outlook including an array of shopper benefits, such as two-day shipping and free returns on most orders. In an effort to put the pressure on e-commerce and brick and mortar, Amazon has made great strides towards ease of purchase for the customer. However, now that shoppers have gotten used to the lax Amazon policies, some might be getting too comfortable.

As a large corporation, Amazon can afford to offer these benefits, but even a company of this size can feel the stress of processing returns. Customers who consistently push the envelope with the return policy are the reason Amazon is keeping a watchful eye. Amazon has realized that not all customers are worth keeping, but in the process, they may be tightening their grip a little too much.

On multiple occasions, Amazon customer accounts were blocked without notice or reason. In some instances, the customer did not even make more than a handful of returns in a year. It took multiple messages through customer support and social media for their accounts to be reinstated. While Amazon is looking to protect their logistical process by limiting returns, they may be making some detrimental moves.

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