Optimize Your Amazon Listings for Mobile

Optimize Your Amazon Listings for Mobile

Mobile sales during the holidays experienced record-breaking momentum that has sustained itself into 2018. The online marketing provider Rakuten reported that mobile sales in December of 2017 experienced a 67% growth from 2016, and according to Salesforce Inc. Commerce Cloud, the average sale completed on a mobile device accounted for 50% of the orders placed from November 21-December 26.

The growth of mobile vs. desktop commerce is inevitable. E-commerce is adapting to this growing market, and Amazon is following suit. The Amazon app has now implemented various features, like virtual reality, that create more of a user experience in order to keep up with the ever-changing desktop experience. Trying to keep up with all the changes and updates within the Amazon platform is fighting a losing battle, but we’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in the mobile space with confidence. In order to stay ahead of the curve on mobile, here’s our top four suggestions to improve your listings for mobile.

  • Product Title: The product title is the first element of the product page that requires strategic attention. Choosing the most efficient keywords is important to organically rank in the search within the category. This does NOT mean you should over-stuff the title with every possible keyword related to the product or brand. This should be a very intentional practice – gather the most effective keywords from your advertising campaigns and place the keywords that make sense in the title and incorporate the rest into the product description. Remember, only the first  63 characters of the title show up in the search results on mobile; you can include additional keywords, but only these first 63 characters will populate the search results page.  
  • Product Photos: An image is the first visual representation of the product – the element on a search results page that either prompts the click or causes the viewer to keep scrolling. According to MDG Advertising, shoppers value the quality of product images 63% more than product-specific information, 54% more than a long product description, and 53% more than ratings and reviews. There is no question as to how much of an impact product photos have on conversions – arguably one of the more important elements of a product page.

  • Product Description: The product description is essentially an elaboration of the bullet points, as well as another location to strategically place additional keyword data and branded content. On mobile, only the first 200 characters of the content is visible, meaning those first 200 characters are the most important.
  • Bullet Points: This is where we find it extremely important to elaborate on additional details pertaining to the product. Only the first three bullet points are visible on mobile – make sure you fill these spots with the most important information and converting keywords.Due to the more compact format of mobile, it takes more technique to attract shoppers to your product page. Using clean, professional product photos in a variety of angles and views, a concise and effective product title, and well thought out product description and bullet points, you are sure to master the mobile format and drive sales.

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