The Three Phases for Success on Amazon

The Three Phases for Success on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be overwhelming, regardless of your level of knowledge or account type. Whether you are already an established seller on Amazon, or if you’re just starting out, these are the three phases of best practice for success on the Amazon platform.

The Development Phase (Invest): This is the cornerstone of any successful listing. Without a strong foundation, your listings may not be able to meet their full potential. If you’re already selling on Amazon, it’s never too late to improve your listings and start fresh! The Development Phase is where the investments happen.

During the beginning stages of this phase you can expect a higher CPC rate which is completely normal. Higher CPC (Cost Per Click) rates early on allow you to win the bid rate, which in turn leads to increased traffic on those search terms, and eventually leads to increased conversions and organic ranking. This test or investment period of advertising can provide valuable insight into what works and what flops within your category. This strategy applies to the remaining listed items in this phase like product photos and product titles – the initial investment sets the stage for success.

The Research Phase (Grow): This is the phase where secondary testing occurs. Using insights from successful advertising efforts, adjust your CPC bids accordingly. From this data, you can better construct additional ads and begin AB testing strategies on product pages and advertising. Additionally, this is where you are able to analyze what competitors are up to and begin to target their successes and avoid their failures.

The Optimization Phase (Harvest): Optimize, optimize, optimize. As mentioned in the chart, the Optimization Phase is a continuous process where all learnings and data gathered from testing is applied to constantly improve your listings. There are countless ways you can learn from these phases, and what you do takeaway, be sure to strategically pivot using the successes, failures, and other valuable data gathered along the way.

These three phases, while all are imperative to your account’s success, will be interchanged depending on the stage of your account. These best practices will all eventually play into a bigger picture that each of these phases are working to build. Once the foundation is built, you can begin to watch your listings grow and succeed.

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