The Growth of Amazon’s Fashion Footprint

The Growth of Amazon’s Fashion Footprint

Amazon’s reputation varies among fashion brands. Knockoffs sold on the site have scared off high-profile brands like Nike; nonetheless, Amazon has become a dominant force in the online apparel space, thanks to new fashion initiatives and tech capabilities. In this blog post, we take a closer look into the major fashion launches that reinstated Amazon as a leader in the industry.

The Drop

In May 2019, Amazon released The Drop — a limited-edition, influencer curated fashion line. Pieces in The Drop are designed by recognizable designers and influencers, such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and are only available for 30 hours after launch. The Drop is among the first of Amazon’s efforts to bring a sense of exclusivity to the platform and is the most successful of their fashion rollouts with over 220,000 followers on Instagram.


Just after releasing The Drop, Amazon launched an in-app tool called StyleSnap where users can photograph or screenshot outfits they like and receive recommendations for similar products on Amazon. Creators enrolled in Amazon’s Influencer Program are able to get credit and commissions if their outfits are screenshotted. Since its launch, StyleSnap seems to have fallen off the map, however, Amazon reports that tens of millions of customers and influencers have used its capabilities.


In June 2019 Amazon launched #FoundItOnAmazon, an Instagram-like product page where influencers pose in Amazon products in exchange for commissions. The page has its own storefront on the platform, and the hashtag #founditonamazon is trending on Tik Tok thanks to users promoting their Amazon finds.

Luxury Stores

Since its launch last Fall, Amazon’s in-app Luxury Stores have remained relatively exclusive. Thus, the exact success of the product is difficult to measure. However, new partners — most recently Elie Saab — have continued to sign up to sell on the platform indicating positive growth.

Made For You

In December, 2020, Amazon released Made For You, a tool that lets buyers customize bespoke shirts down to the fit, material, and style. Unlike platforms that scan and measure the body with an app, Made For You requires customers to provide their height, weight, body type, and two photos of themselves. Choosing from eight colorways, a variety of sleeve and shirt lengths, neckline, and fabrics, customers spend $25 on a customized shirt that can be previewed on a virtual body double before purchase. Amazon plans to expand Made For You overtime with more styles and selections based on customer feedback.

Amazon says the sheer volume of product launches is a part of their strategy to become a leader in fashion. By putting a lot out there, the retail giant can see what works and evolve based on their learnings.

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