The Complete Guide to Prime Day Prep 2021

The Complete Guide to Prime Day Prep 2021

Summer’s hottest sale — Prime Day 2021 — is fast approaching and there are a number of considerations and preparations that should be made to maximize your success. We’ve compiled this guide as the ultimate resource to help you streamline operations, evaluate your strategies, remind you of important dates, and keep often-overlooked checklist items top-of-mind.

Prime Day 2021: Getting Started

Not sure where to begin with Prime Day? Start here! In this introductory guide, we lay out the high level things you need to be thinking about from a beginners standpoint.

With Prime Day 2021 set to take place June 21 – 22, deadlines are fast approaching and need to be squared away ASAP. Make sure you’ve got your boxes checked to make the most this June.

Topics Covered:

  • Immediate tasks to start on
  • Fast approaching deadlines
  • Free resources
Prime Day Prep 2021: Getting Started

Inventory Planning

Prime Day Prep 2021: Inventory Planning

The effects of 2020 and the pandemic economy are still lingering: traditional forecasting has been disrupted and many are left scratching their heads about how to reorganize their supply chain and manage inventory. That’s why we teamed up with Jill Liliedahl from Inventory Planner for expert Prime Day planning advice and out-of-the-box tips for things you may not have even considered.

Topics Covered:

  • Inventory Planning Success — 3 Factors
  • Q&A for Prime Day 2021 Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Planning Checklist

Promotions & Advertising

With landmark events like Prime Day, choosing an advertising strategy is more nuanced than just promoting on event day. The strategy you choose depends largely on your brand’s goals, limitations, and product category, to name a few. Check out this resource for a full breakdown of your options and a visual chart for making quick decisions.

Topics Covered:

  • Prime Day Promotions — 2021 Deadlines & Definitions
  • Advertising Types & Prime Day Strategy Suggestions
  • Prime Day 2021 Paid Search Timeline
Prime Day Prep 2021: Advertising & Promos

Content Strategy

Prime Day Prep 2021: Content Strategy

When was the last time you updated your content? Chances are, your products need some light refreshing to align them with the changing season and new content to drive Prime Day sales. With an event like this, it’s best to pivot to an event-specific content strategy that takes action in the days leading up to and following Prime Day. Click below for a complete list of action items and pro tips.

Topics Covered:

  • Brand Store Updates
  • Product Display Page (PDP) Best Practices
  • Amazon Posts & Amazon Follow

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