UPDATE: Amazon Vendor Express is Closing

UPDATE: Amazon Vendor Express is Closing

As the Amazon wind blows, platform changes become more prevalent. If you are currently utilizing Vendor Express to access Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), your account access will soon change. On May 21, 2018 Vendor Express accounts will no longer receive orders from Amazon and some AMS functions will be restricted.

Q: How will my AMS access change? What features are no longer available?

If you are currently enrolled in an AMS account, your account will not be deleted, but some features will no longer be accessible. The following features will not be available in your AMS account:

  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • If you use Deduct from Payment to pay for your advertising today, you will need to select a different payment method
  • Adding additional brands

Q: What about all the content and ads associated with my AMS account?

Your AMS account will remain active. Your existing Amazon Stores, Headline Search Ads, and Product Display Ads associated with your Vendor Express account will continue running. You can access these campaigns and create new ones by signing into AMS directly.

Q: How can I create new Sponsored Product and Headline Search advertisements?

These advertising features are now accessible through a Seller Central account, where you are able to re-create and manage headline search ads, sponsored product ads, and brand store content. If you have not been invited into the Vendor Central program, a Seller Central account is a great way to bridge the gap after operating in a Vendor Express account.

Q: How do I set up a Seller Central account?

Getting started with a Seller Central account is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is visit the sign-up page HERE. Amazon provides a lot of extremely valuable resources (login required) for navigating and managing a Seller Central account.

If you’re still stuck and need a hand through any step of this process, feel free to contact us here at Macarta! We’ve got a team of Amazon masters to help you navigate, launch, audit, manage or talk you through any other concern you have:

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