The Race to the Amazon Marketplace

The Race to the Amazon Marketplace


In 2017 over one million new sellers joined forces with Amazon Marketplaces. According to Marketplace pulse, “This equals to 2,997 new sellers every day, or 124 every hour, or even 2 every minute.” As international Amazon marketplaces continue to grow daily, consumers are gaining access to more product on Amazon than ever before.

1,001,210 New Sellers on Amazon MarketplaceMarketplace Pulse (2017).
Amazon US contributed to the majority of this growth while Amazon India and Amazon UK marketplaces were not far behind. Showing rapid expansion, Amazon India has proven to be one of the fastest growing marketplaces, almost doubling in size in the last year with momentum to continue this growth into next year. In an effort to broaden their markets, sellers are launching in multiple marketplaces contributing to the overall marketplace growth in many of these countries.

Does “new Sellers” mean “new selling”?

Having a Seller Account and making Amazon a viable sales channel with your seller account are very different. Of the million new sellers this year, only a handful will ever break the $100k revenue mark.

How does this influx of sellers affect Amazon’s customers?

Amazon is striving to “clean-up” the marketplace and protect its customers from illegitimate sellers and counterfeit products. Newly implemented verification steps and getting rid of “incentivized reviews” are just some ways Amazon is addressing this problem, but there remains much work to do.

Final Thoughts

Global Amazon Marketplaces are rapidly growing while other international markets are being sized for expansion. As Amazon continues to open up new marketplaces, sellers and vendors alike have an immense opportunity to grow their international presence with Amazon.

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