The Power of Product Packaging Inserts

The Power of Product Packaging Inserts

While selling on the Amazon platform presents unique challenges when it comes to brand experience, you can try non-traditional strategies to connect with your Amazon customer. Since Amazon doesn’t allow you to link to any external websites, it can be hard to find a way to connect with your Amazon customers on your social media channels, or direct them to instructional videos on an e-comm site or YouTube.

Packaging Inserts in Amazon shipments are a great resource to fill a major void in customer touchpoints after the order has arrived at their doorstep. Here are three examples of how you can use packaging inserts to connect with customers:

Build Brand Knowledge


Amavara aims to teach their customers about their purchase and provide context as to why the product is important. This packaging insert helps supplement additional information that a customer might want to learn about as a way to build product and brand loyalty.

This would be a helpful packaging insert if:

  • You are a smaller brand looking to build loyal customers
  • You have important claims you want customers to know about but Amazon does not allow you to list
  • Your brand has a rich history or unique origin that you want to tell customers about

FAQ or Directions


Wrapioca is a great product in the food category, but as a product of Brazil, many American customers are unfamiliar with how to prepare Wrapioca wraps and recipes. This packaging insert helps answer customers’ frequently asked questions and provides a visual guide.

This would be a helpful packaging insert if:

  • Your category requires clear directions or setup assistance. Categories such as Appliances, Arts & Crafts, Food Products and others may need an explanation.
  • Answer common FAQs before the customer reaches out to customer service, returns the product, or leaves a negative review.

Review Solicitation


Reviews play a large part in Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Not only do verified product reviews help your ranking in search, but they also help customers with purchasing decisions. 64% of purchases in the technology category are made based on product reviews.

This packaging insert helps inform customers about the Eagle Creek No Matter What Warranty and solicits a review on their Amazon site. Review solicitation must be done through an insert or via drip campaigns and cannot be done through Amazon directly, so inserts can be a valuable tool.

General Best Practices for Inserts


  1. Create a holistic brand experience with messaging and imagery that reflects your Amazon PDP, e-commerce site and social media channels
  2. Include Customer Service contact information and encourage customers to reach out if they have any issues to help avoid negative Amazon reviews
  3. List your brand store’s URL as an education resource, to drive traffic and increase brand awareness

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