Brands Succumbing to Amazon’s Reign

Brands Succumbing to Amazon’s Reign

At the forefront of an evolving retail landscape looms Amazon, home to the world’s largest selection of products. The convenience of online shopping has challenged brick-and-mortar locations, forcing many to close their doors permanently. As a result, more and more brands are migrating to Amazon in an effort to abide by consumer trends and maintain reach. Even mega brand Nike couldn’t ignore the prospects of selling on this hugely popular online marketplace. By understanding its slow but inevitable move, the monumental influence of Amazon in the retail world becomes even clearer.

Nike recognized that refusing to sell on Amazon didn’t prevent its products from being listed by resellers or as counterfeits. Through a mutually beneficial deal with Amazon, the brand decided to submit its products in exchange for strict policing of counterfeits and third-party sellers. In this sense, Amazon has a powerful hand over brands that enter the marketplace seeking improved policing and control. Fortunately for consumers, this also means increased access to their favorite products.

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