Macarta x DimeTyd: Recovering 5 Years Worth of Lost Amazon Funds

Macarta x DimeTyd: Recovering 5 Years Worth of Lost Amazon Funds

If you’re a seasoned vendor on Amazon, it’s likely (yet unfortunate) that you’ve been overbilled. Whether you are privy to this information or not, we have a way to help you get your money back. 

Through our partnership with DimeTyd, an automated software founded by ecommerce veterans that recoups profit leakage from Amazon accounting errors, we’re on the path to recovering over $2 million and counting for our brand partners.

By working with us, you can recover hundreds of thousands in lost funds too. 

What is DimeTyd? 

First off, let’s review what DimeTyd is and what it is not:

DimeTyd IS the newest member of your Accounts Receivable team, a service to help you decipher Amazon’s complex accounting processes, and recover meaningful money your brand is leaving on the table.

DimeTyd IS NOT a threat to your internal team’s jobs — it exists to supplement existing processes, and recover more money, quicker. 

Why should I care?

Amazon’s accounting practices are convoluted, and the data is messy. Most vendors don’t have the technology nor time to measure the impact of over and incorrect deductions. DimeTyd offers a quicker, fully-automated financial recovery from Amazon. Manually tracking, reconciling, and auditing receivables could take years, so DimeTyd and Macarta are here to do it for you.

How does it work? 

Once you agree to move forward with the audit, Macarta will work with DimeTyd to provide a snapshot of potentially recoverable funds across both shortages and overbillings, looking up to 5 years (3–4 week turnaround time). Then, if you agree to move forward with the dispute process, DimeTyd will open cases to dispute incorrect shortage-claims Amazon has levied against you, after successfully recovering overbillings. 

Once we’ve recouped the lost funds, you can reinvest in your business. Our team will help re-allocate your money into optimizing your presence on Amazon through services like advertising, creative content, and more. (Cycle will restart quarterly to increase your profitability).

Next Steps

“Amazon requires dedicated expertise to optimize every aspect of a brand’s presence on the channel, including operational and financial health. Our partnership with DimeTyd provides a highly unique and unparalleled opportunity for our growing list of trusted brand partners to recover meaningful money (which is rightfully theirs) resulting from Amazon’s often complex accounting processes.” – Stephen Raegan, Macarta Co-Founder & VP of Strategy & Client Services

If you’d like to identify, track, and resolve costly Amazon overbillings and deductions from the past 5 years, contact us here and we can get the ball rolling. DimeTyd’s services are free until your money is recouped — all you have to do is hand over the reins and we’ll take it from there.

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