Amazon 101: Amazon Badges

Amazon 101: Amazon Badges

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, it’s likely you’ve noticed (and even bought) a product with an Amazon badge. From Best Seller, Amazon’s Choice, Sponsored, to Featured from our brands, there’s a wealth of markings that make it easy for customers to find what they’re searching for. In this Amazon 101 post, we dive into what each badge means and how to get one for your product. 

Types of Amazon Badges

Best Seller

Appearing within search results at the top left of a product’s featured image and under the title on the product detail page (PDP), the Best Seller badge is invaluable to boosting product and brand visibility.

In order for a product to earn the Best Sellers badge, it must be the best selling product in its Amazon category/sub-category over a period of time. The Best Seller badge has instant benefits, but can be the hardest to earn. We recommend optimizing your listing for SEO, creating eye-catching product images, aiming for categories that aren’t as competitive (but still relevant), and offering discounts and promotions on your products.

Amazon’s Choice

While the Best Seller badge is determined by overall sales, the Amazon’s Choice badge is based on SEO. Located in the same places as the Best Sellers badge, the Amazon’s Choice badge delineates which product is the best match for the target keyword. Amazon gives the label to products that get more than 50% of all purchases for the term.

Earning an Amazon’s Choice badge is more convoluted than Best Sellers. Amazon has given no specific instructions on how to go about getting one, but the products that do display the badge have one thing in common: They are all sold by all-around strong sellers. 

To improve your chances of earning an Amazon’s Choice badge, we recommend optimizing your listing for target keywords, running effective PPC campaigns that include target keywords, using Amazon FBA for a better chance at winning the buy box with fast shipping, and paying attention to your reviews and ratings, as good feedback is critical to converting visitors into sales.


Other classifications an Amazon product can have include Featured from our brands, Sponsored, Highly Rated Sponsored Products, Editorial Recommendations, discount badges (created within Seller Central), and more. Though some can help boost conversion rates more than others, having one next to your product (no matter the type) will do wonders for your Amazon business, as customers will check out products with a badge first. To get an Amazon badge and, in turn, more traffic to your listings, follow the tips outlined above and reach out to our team here for a full-funnel strategy.

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