Amazon’s Alexa is Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Amazon’s Alexa is Getting in the Holiday Spirit

In preparation for the holidays, Amazon has added new features to provide shoppers with a voice assistant for making holiday purchases. So while you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you have a trustworthy assistant to help you organize and manage your (seemingly) endless list of ‘to-dos.’

For many Alexa users, she’s been a source for music, news, alarms, and placing replenishment orders for around-the-house necessities. However, shoppers have been hesitant to fully rely on the voice assistant for purchases because they aren’t able to see or touch products before making a buying decision.

To combat this obstacle, Amazon has made Alexa more active in helping shoppers discover highly rated products or brands. She can now answer questions that will help you find answers to product questions – combing through product details and reviews to find the perfect gift. And if she’s not able to answer immediately, she’ll continue to search and notify you when she finds the answer.

Not only is Amazon expanding Alexa’s answering capabilities, but she can help with Whole Foods purchases. Customers can ask Alexa to add items to their grocery cart, search for recipes, and find Prime member deals. The best part? Alexa keeps track of your preferences for future purchases. If you’re in need of eggs for your Christmas cookies, you don’t even have to be specific — Alexa will know.

Like with many of their products and services, Amazon’s goal is to make our lives easier. However, similar to consumer’s reluctance when purchasing items online in the early years of the internet, buying products through voice commands might take some getting used to.

As these new Alexa features are added, how likely are you to rely on her for holiday shopping help?

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