Amazon Grows and Launches in UAE

Amazon Grows and Launches in UAE

Since Amazon launched in 1994, the online giant has launched globally but will soon close its doors in one.

Amazon has launched in the United Arab Emirates after acquiring Amazon replaced Souq with, making it the largest e-Commerce platform in the Arab world. This launch has been in the works since the acquisition in 2017, but Amazon began actively pursuing top sellers from the US and Europe in 2018. The launch looks promising so far with roughly 30 million products available.

This announcement comes just two months after Amazon announced that they will be closing its online doors in China in July. The launch in China began in a similar fashion after Amazon acquired Joyo in 2004. The Amazon China rebrand launched in 2011, while the global e-Commerce space is dominated by China, Amazon never quite took off.

Source: Shopify

Amazon has successfully launched in 15 other countries following its US debut. Amazon Prime is typically the second step in the business model.

Amazon Global Launch Timeline

  • 1994: Amazon is founded and launches in US
  • 1998: UK and Germany
  • 2000: France and Japan
  • 2002: Canada
  • 2010: Italy
  • 2011: Spain and China
  • 2012: India
  • 2014: Netherlands
  • 2015: Mexico
  • 2017: Australia
  • 2018: Turkey
  • 2019: Brazil and United Arab Emirates
  • July 2019: Amazon China Closes

Mexico has especially stood out in recent years for Amazon. As the second largest country in Latin America, Amazon sales doubled from 2016-2017 in Mexico and have continued to grow since. Amazon is also the number one e-Commerce platform for the country, providing exciting business opportunities for brands looking to break into the Latin American market.

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